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What are Research Chemicals ? The answer might be a bit confusing . Research Chemicals are chemical substances - which are produced synthetically or which occur also in the nature. Research Chemicals are mostly used by research institutions to develop antidotes for diseases or to alleviate symptoms .
Research Chemicals can be also used for research in the pharmacological field . In this case these are generally tested in the initial phase on animals and in the final stages on humans. Research chemicals are employed even in forensic toxicology and look for agroculture application.
The term " Research Chemicals " refers to chemical substances which scientists use to conduct experiments and research in medicine and in other fields of chemistry .
Most research chemicals are not intended for use on humans or animals . Manufacturer of research chemicals are required to publish information on the packaging label to inform about the toxicity and hazards of each chemical. The sale of research chemicals without use on humans or on animals is therefore legal.

Research facilities utilizing specially Research Chemicals for testing the safety of potential drugs. Research Chemicals also offer the opportunity for research without taking the legal risks of making a research on illegal drugs .
Scientists and research institutions have to submit bureaucratic applications so that they can buy drugs like marijuana, or can also purchase MDMA . It is proven that Marijuana has diverse medical benefits which contains the active ingredient THC. Instead of buying Cannabis the most research institutions buy synthetic cannabinoids which have a similar effect. 

Popular synthetic cannabinoids are for example AKB-48, 2-NE1/APICA or 5F-AKB48 - all synthetic cannabinoids have a similar effect as THC which can be bought from GET-RC.
A few decades ago you could buy MDMA - and this completely legal. The fact that MDMA has been misused for party purposes made that the ban quickly followed. To explore the medical benefits of MDMA you need a license which is also very costly.
Such a trend has emerged drug-like substances legal to buy without taking any legal risks.
However as a side effect a grey market was born where Research Chemicals are sold as legal high products for human consumption.

Therefor Research Chemicals are often mixed with each other Research Chemicals and sold without any indication of the ingredients as so-called bath salts or herbal blends such as Spice.
Bath salts often have a stimulating effect which keeps consumer long time awake. As an ingredient is often MDPV or Mephedrone included . Since you can not buy Mephedrone other research chemicals are developed such as 5-EAPB or Ethylphenidate . You can still buy MDPV - but if it is classified as a drug , the majority of research institutions to resort to products such as 3.4 CTMP, 5-IAI or Methiopropamine (MPA).

At GET-RC you can buy all synthetic cannabinoids such as THC - Buy 5F-PB22 or buy synthetic phenethylamines such as 2-FMA (2- Fluoromethamphetamin) or 5-MAPB . But GET-RC is also an online shop which sells psychedelic research chemicals - you can buy here , for example, 2C-E or 25I-NBOMe or even bk-2C-B . To buy ketamine is not connected in some European countries with legal risks - but again, we offer drugs similar to ketamine such as 3-meo-PCP, Methoxetamine , Diphenidine ,Methoxphenidine, Methoxypiperamide which are similar to Ketamine and completely legal.